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Chongqing cummins K19 diesel engine connecting rod 3811995,3043911

Our belief is quality first, credit first, service foremost!Specifications Of Product

Part Number3811995/3043911
Part Nameconnecting rod
QualityISO9001/TS16949 Standard


Pictures of Product

Chongqing cummins K19 diesel engine connecting rod 3811995/3043911Chongqing cummins K19 diesel engine connecting rod 3811995/3043911

K19 cummins engine connecting rod 3007573

NT NH cummins connecting rod 3013930

K50 cummins connecting rod 3014452

K19 cummins engine connecting rod 3014453

M11 cummins connecting rod 3027107

K50 cummins connecting rod 3043910

K19 cummins engine connecting rod 3043911

M11 cummins connecting rod 3073522

L10 cummins M11connecting rod 3079629

 cummins engine connecting rod 3418500

 cummins engine connecting rod 3418517

K50 cummins connecting rod 3626494

K50 cummins connecting rod 3628824

K50 cummins connecting rod 3630024

K50 cummins connecting rod 3632169

K50 cummins connecting rod 3632225

K19 cummins engine connecting rod 3811994

K19 cummins engine connecting rod 3811995

M11 cummins connecting rod 3820302

M11 cummins connecting rod 3899450

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 3901224

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 3901383

B5.9 cummins connecting rod 3901568

B5.9 cummins connecting rod 3901569

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 3924350

B5.9 cummins connecting rod  3925232

B5.9 cummins connecting rod 3942581

 cummins engine connecting rod 3950639

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 3971394

M11 cummins connecting rod 4083569

M11 cummins connecting rod 4083569

B系列 cummins engine connecting rod 4891176

B系列 cummins engine connecting rod 4898808

B5.9 cummins connecting rod 4943979

C8.3 cummins connecting rod 4944887

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 4947898

ISL cummins engine connecting rod 5266243

K19 cummins engine connecting rod AR10012

K50 cummins connecting rod AR45067

C8.3 cummins connecting rod C3901383

3007573 connecting rod 

3011891ISMconnecting rod 

3013282 connecting rod 

3013929 connecting rod 

3013930NT855connecting rod 

3014452 connecting rod 

3014453 connecting rod 

3018152 connecting rod 

3022516NT855connecting rod 

3023891VTA28connecting rod 

3026720 connecting rod 

3027104LT,LTA10connecting rod 

3027107LT,LTA10connecting rod 

3043910 connecting rod 

3043911cqcumminsconnecting rod 

3049455 connecting rod 

3058521 connecting rod 

3079629M11connecting rod 

3328625 connecting rod 

3418500NT855M300connecting rod 

3418517KTA19Mconnecting rod 

3419120KTA38G5connecting rod 

3628663KTA50G3G8G9connecting rod 

3628824KTA50G3G8G9connecting rod 

3632169KTA50G3G8G9connecting rod 

3632411KTA38connecting rod 

3635125QSK60connecting rod 

3635126QSK60connecting rod 

3640519 connecting rod 

3800825M11connecting rod 

3811994KTA19connecting rod 

3896970M11connecting rod 

3899450M11connecting rod 

3901568 connecting rod 

3935349 connecting rod 

3942581cqcumminsconnecting rod 

3967346ISLconnecting rod 

3979744 connecting rod 

4007115 connecting rod 

4007116 connecting rod 

4012146 connecting rod 

4012293 connecting rod 

40248076B5.9connecting rod 

4059429 connecting rod 

4059449 connecting rod 

4083569cqcumminsconnecting rod 

4089139 connecting rod 

4089211M11connecting rod 

4089212 connecting rod 

4089524 connecting rod 

4096475 connecting rod 

4096677 connecting rod 

4900560 connecting rod 

4900561 connecting rod 

4910521 connecting rod 

4910522KTA19-G2(M)connecting rod 

4927789 connecting rod 

4943979 connecting rod 

4944475 connecting rod 

4944670 connecting rod 

14685700 connecting rod 

15786100 connecting rod 

18044700 connecting rod 

A3901569cqcumminsconnecting rod 

AR10012 connecting rod 

AR11446 connecting rod 

AR45000 connecting rod 

AR45067 connecting rod 

C3942581cqcumminsconnecting rod 

3018151QSK19connecting rod 

3073522M11connecting rod 

3418501NT(A)855Mconnecting rod 

3418553KTA19Mconnecting rod 

3895885L10connecting rod 

Products Range of Us

1. 4BT,6BT, 6CT,6ISBe,6ISDe, 6ISLe parts;

2. KTA19, KTA38, M11, NTA855, ISM, QSM,QSX15 parts;

3. Foton ISF2.8, ISF3.8 parts;

4. Dci11 engine part, EQB, 4H parts;


Advantage Of Us

1. Original /OEM quality and competitive price

2. Professional work team and quick service

3. Strong and standard package

4. Fast and safe delivery

5. Long export experience in Middle east, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Africa, Brazil.

6. Clear details photos what you see is what you get

7. Able to develop & produce according to customer specification with technical drawing

8. Wholesaler and agent of foton spare parts.


Package of Our Products

1.Original package

2.Or Neutral package according to clients` request


If you are interested in our products,please free to contact me.